Products of the scanner camera...

Here's a selection of some of my favorite images from the scanner photography project. I've broken them down into a few categories, to help keep things organized... I hope you enjoy the images.

Portraits View this Gallery

The effects of the scanner cameras' temporal distortion on the human figure can be both disturbing and enlightening.

Vehicles View this Gallery

Photographs of vehicles tend to show some interesting aspects of the scanner camera motion distortion.

Cityscapes View this Gallery

The combination of constant motion and static architecture found in the city also photographs very nicely with the scanner camera.

Oddities View this Gallery

Some instances of the motion distortion are stranger than others. Here's a selection of the strangest pictures that I've taken so far.

Early Scanner Photographs View this Gallery

Looking at some of the very early scanner photographs can be nice, as it's good to be able to look at the starting point of the project.