Thank you!!!

A lot of people have helped me out with the scanner camera project over the past several years. This is a place where I get to say thanks!

I'd like to give some extra thanks to the Audi Design Foundation - they funded the hardware development of the camera from October 2005 to October 2006. Without their help, I wouldn't be nearly so far along with either the cameras or the photographs. In particular, the support of Michael Farmer was greatly appreciated.

I'd also like to give a big thank you the staff and faculty of the Royal College of Art, and especially the Helen Hamelyn Recearch Centre/InnovationsRCA staff and the faculty and staff from the Interaction Design Department. Their support, critique, and feedback was fantastic, and I really apreciated it.

Here are some more people (in no particular order) that deserve a big thank you...

Abigail Durrant, Irene McAra-McWilliam, Len Massey, Durrell Bishop, Reammonn Dubghaith, Toke Barter, Anthony Mace, Toke Barter, Rama Gheerawo, Aiofe Ni Mhorain, Tiago Borges da Silva, Sebastian Irrgang, Reanna Walker, Callum Rex Reid, Tim Olden, Brigitte LeLievre, Rory Hamilton, Dom Robson, Tobie Kerridge, Lucy Kimble, Nina Pope, Bill Gaver, Maureen Farrell, Blue, Juan Fontanive, Greta Jane Pedersen, Matt Bucher, Kirsti Lehktimaki, Claire Merideth, Megumi Fujikawa, Joel Lewis, and Joe Davis.